Well Life – Mobile Lab, is a mobile phlebotomy service that provides lab draws at your convenience. No more worries about transportation, exposed environments, missed work or other unforeseen circumstances. We come to you!

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Now offering ON-SITE Covid-19 testing for employers.

Sneak Peak gender reveal testing now available at 7 weeks!

Routine Lab Work Available

Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Pre-Admission Testing
Physician-Ordered Venipuncture
Routine Stat Lab
Time-Sensitive and Therapeutic Draws
ON-SITE Covid-19 Testing for Employers
Sneak Peak Gender Reveal Testing

How It works

First, you will schedule an appointment

Contact us for help setting up an appointment or visit our scheduling site.

Next, We Will Come to You!

We are able to provide a variety of services such as physician ordered venipuncture, routine and STAT labs, time sensitive and therapeutic draws, pre-admission tests all from the comfort of your home.

Then, We Deliver Specimen to Lab

The phlebotomist will deliver the specimen to the specified laboratory requested by physician for processing. The doctor or health care professional who ordered the labs will receive the results within 24-48 hours of the collection. Some special tests may take longer to process.